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Peter has more than 20.000 members of his online magicshool. He has students of from practical all corners of the planet.

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TheMagicSchool were one of the first of its kind. So If you want to impress anyone, anywhere, any time then you can learn magic on peters site.

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""You are to cool! I'll make certain to document my progress & let you know as it all unfolds. You are now my official magic instructor!"

"I hope though that my friends haven't found this site yet because that would limit my chances to be successful in the coming meetings with them which I now really look forward to." Bo Emanuelson, Sweeden

"I was very happy with all the magic tricks"
Launer, Holland

"really great effects. Particularly the knot that vanishes in the mouth and then reappears. This will really equip you for "can you do a trick?" anywhere, anytime. Highly recommended."
Martin J Kaplan Media, Penna. USA

Thank you for showing me this neat rope trick. It’s a simple trick with a very strong effect. I like it. I must say your instruction is very straight forward and clear. You really made it easy for me to learn. I look forward to hearing from you again. With my best wishes,
Bill Yim

Very interesting and well instructed. Makes more time available to learn The more complicated magic ones..great stuff.
Regards Fuad

Cool … ! Ahmed

that was very interesting i think i can defiantly work that into my act. mr. appear



You are welcome to contact Peter Jakobsen directly on mobile +45 2067-9180 or by email:

With Magic,
Peter tryllekunstners underskrift
Peter Jakobsen

"I'm writing to thank you for your extravagant entertainment, at our dinner this Friday. You were the absolute highlight during the dinner, and you persuaded to lift the mood in such high a degree that I have
received great praise on the planning of the night's program."

Your show hit right on the spot, which is not always a matter ofcourse, when you are entertaining guests from over 20 different
nations. A fantastic show!" Sauer-Danfoss

"Thank you very much for what you did in Copenhagen to make my wife's birthday special. You are a master at your craft, and I was pleased and entertained, as was my entire family." Robert/The Dilenschneider Group

"The entire evening passed incredibly well and we do not at all doubt, that it was thanks to your great entertainment, that very quickly got people together and inspired laughter. We didn't know anything about you before, but we must say you surprised us with your talent of coordinating illusions and your stand-up skills." GREY


"I can only tell you that everyone thought your show was fantastic.
Some good keywords: Fantastic show. A good laugh. Good contact with the spectators. Good handle of their and the volunteer's response. Not at all egocentric. The best entertainment we have ever had."

"Thank you for the fantastic "circulating" show you conjured at our reception in Nærum. In the three hours you were present, you bewitched all of us with your tricks and humor and we have in the following days received several spontaneous manifestations, that it was just right to have you. To everyone who wishes special class entertainment at receptions – and other festive occasions. we can only give our best recommendations." PE Biosystem

"It was an incredibly entertaining show, you presented at our company party. Our receptionist Jette is still talking about you, and especially about the encore you did afterwards in the bar, where you
got a card with her name on it to get stuck at the ceiling – that
really got to her."
BDO ScanRevision

"The cocktail of magic and stand-up was perfect – and spiced with the involvement of the audience, fast returning of quick remarks and speed, Peter got the laughter flowing and the mood increased several degrees." R98