Magician from Denmark, Copenhagen

Get your own private Magic and Comedy Show at your event

Magician on stage in Copenhagen

Let one of the best magicians in Denmark entertain you at your restaurant table, your lobby room or private room.

You were the centre of attention  – and with the food, wine, cognac and other entertainment which was hired, that says a lot.

PIL  - The leaders organisation

The theme of our conference was top performance, which you fully lived up to. We will love to give our best recommendations to everyone who want entertainment with magic and humor. 

Carl Bro

Unique Combination of Magic and Comedy

Magician in a close-up situation

Peter performs in English with a unique combination of sleight of hand and sleight of tongue. Peter involves the audience, talking with them, treating them as friends, making them laugh and wonder.

A lot of positive feedback from the guests who thought you were really, really good. Even those who normally think that magicians are exaggerated felt entertained and thought you did it in a very charming way.

Politikens reklame

Peter’s style of magic is very flexible

Magician in a party

Peter’s style is very flexible he can perform under all circumstances. Usually you can find him performing in restaurants, bars, lobbies and hotels as well as on stage or at conferences.

The magic can be performed for as few as 2 or as many as 200 people

Stand-up comedy of format combined with genius tricks and hanky-panky, or was it the opposite? Big applause to Peter Jakobsen for his outstanding and exiting show. And it was – as they say in showbiz – a tough act to follow

Hartmann A/S

Peter Jakobsen is a high class performer

Magici for young people

More than 1000 larger companies such as Mercedes, Ernst & Young, Philips, Microsoft have already enjoyed the Magic & Comedy of Peter Jakobsen. Take a look at his impressive reference list right here.

There were some who felt kind of negative about the idea that we had hired a magician, to entertain us. But many seconds of your show had not passed, before you changed their negative attitude. They completely surrendered, -this is a skill I know is very hard, but also a skill I know you have. -Talented

AC Nielsen-AIM

So If you’re looking for live entertainment that makes you WONDER and LAUGH this could be something for you…..